Work in Progress

I am working on a translation of Gustave Coquiot's memoir of Maurice Utrillo (Paris: André Delpeuch, 1925).

I am also dawdling with translations of:
  • Hans Ostwald's Sittengeschichte der Inflation (Berlin: Neufeld & Henius, 1931). The book is frequently cited in works dealing with the Weimar hyperinflation, where it is usually referred to as A Moral History of the Inflation or Tales of the Inflation, but it has never appeared in English.
  • Dr. Wilhelm Gwinner's Arthur Schopenhauer, aus persönlichem Umgange dargestellt (Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus, 1862). Gwinner was Schopenhauer's friend, lawyer, and executor. The biography is an important primary source, but it has never been translated into English. Working title: Arthur Schopenhauer, Depicted from Personal Acquaintance
I might be able to sell these titles to a university or small press when I am finished — but having been a galley slave book editor for a few years, I know a little about how the business works; I will publish them myself.