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I use this blog to record or translate things I have found interesting, and also to catalogue some of the digitized books I've come across. I do not discuss the news or post pictures of my meals — there's plenty of that elsewhere.

The blog's title is taken from a line in this essay by W. E. Henley:
The fact is, the translator too often forgets the difference between his subject and himself; he is too often a common graveyard mason that would play the sculptor.
It's doubly appropriate since most of the authors I read are dead.

I am especially fond of the Belle Époque (and the corresponding late Victorian, Edwardian, and Wilhelmine periods), but there is really no unifying theme besides my own inclination.

Expect very little commentary. Years of journalism have dampened the pleasure I used to get from writing articles and essays. I may try to revive my enthusiasm with the occasional piece here, but promise to avoid the twin horrors of self-reflection and sentimentality.


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