26 April 2020

Orwellian Fruit Loaf and Sponge Cake

Two recipes taken from the diary George Orwell kept while he was conducting research for The Road to Wigan Pier (entry for 5 March 1936):
Mrs Searle’s recipe for fruit loaf (very good with butter) which I will write down here before I lose it:

1 lb flour. 1 egg. 4 oz. treacle. 4 oz. mixed fruit (or currants). 8 oz. sugar. 6 oz. margarine or lard.

Cream the sugar and margarine, beat the egg and add it, add the treacle and then the flour, put in greased tins and bake about ½ to ¾ hour in a moderate oven.

Also her ‘54321’ recipe for sponge cake:

5 oz. flour, 4 oz. sugar, 3 oz. grease (butter best), 2 eggs, 1 teaspoonful baking powder. Mix as above and bake.
I haven't made either (yet), but I believe corn syrup or molasses could be used as a substitute for treacle. A "moderate oven" is 350 °F.

Isabel Codrington, Evening (1925)