19 February 2016

Women Who Procreate

Roland Jaccard, L'âme est un vaste pays (Paris: Grasset, 1984), my translation:
I cannot prevent myself from thinking poorly of women who procreate. They loose a great deal of their humanity in my eyes. Knowing that this is a stupid prejudice is not enough to rid me of it.
Je ne puis m’empêcher d’avoir une piètre opinion des femmes qui procréent. Elles perdent beaucoup de leur humanité à mes yeux. Savoir que c’est un préjugé stupide ne suffit pas à me l’enlever.
As far as I know only one of Jaccard's books (on Louise Brooks) has been translated into English. I'm not sure how I would describe his work... he is a nihilist, a pessimist. I might call him a more refined version of Bukowski, but that is a poor comparison. He regularly uploads haïkus visuels to his YouTube channel: some are humorous, others vulgar, still others discuss Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and the joys of family life.

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