21 May 2014

The Little Count of All My Wealth

Thomas Bastard (1566-1618), Epigram 36, Book 3, Chrestoleros; Seven Bookes of Epigrames (Manchester: Printed for the Spenser Society, 1888), p. 74:
The peasant Corus of his wealth does boast,
Yet he scarce worth twice twenty pounds at most.
I chanc’de to worde once with this lowlie swayne,
He calde me base, and beggar in disdaine.
To try the trueth hereof I rate myself.
And cast the little count of all my wealth.
See how much Hebrew, Greeke, and Poetry,
Latin, Rhetorique, and Philosophye,
     Reading, and sense in sciences profound,
     All valued, are not worth forty pounds.
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