14 January 2014

A Paradise for Bibliophiles

Olivier Bessard Banquy, a professor at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne who specializes in literature and publishing, interviewed on the ridiculously-named myboox.fr (my translation):
Actually, there can be no doubt that the people who buy books designed by Diane de Selliers are quite old. The publisher's business is a beautiful one that works because there is no risk of loss – they are essentially classic texts accompanied by very attractive illustrations – but they are aimed at older generations who have a taste for finer things and wallets that are bulging thanks to the thirty prosperous years that followed the Second World War. The generations that made it possible for publishers like Diane de Selliers to exist will soon disappear, and the following generations will probably attach more value to the clean lines of an iPhone than to the softness of Holland paper. It is unlikely that there will  be many people prepared to pay more than a few Euros for computer files that have been downloaded from Amazon; these files will be cultural by-products, poorly edited but carried along by the buzz created by little on-line geniuses. It will be, paradoxically, a paradise for bibliophiles: Real treasures will probably be selling for very little since no one will be competing to own them.
Hat tip: Le Bibliomane Moderne