27 November 2013

An Ideal Friend

L'abbé Nicolas-Charles-Joseph Trublet (1697-1770), quoted in François Fertiault's Les amoureux du livre (Paris: A. Claudin, 1877), p. 298. My translation:
I do not understand how it is that people can not like reading, when one considers that a book is a friend who moralises without offending anyone. He takes the most convenient hour, day or night, to speak to you, and he always does so dispassionately. He is never upset at being interrupted in the midst of his time with you, nor is he annoyed when you pass lightly over things that cost him dearly and which he considers excellent. 
I could not find a full set of Trublet's Essais de littérature et de morale on Gallica.fr or Archive.org, but scans of all four volumes of the 1762 edition are on Google Books.

Róbert Berény, Olvasó nő (1906)

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