29 November 2013

A Last Revise

Oliver Warner, Chatto & Windus; A Brief Account of the Firm's Origin, History and Development (London: Chatto & Windus, 1973), p. 18:
George Frommholz [the production manager at Chatto & Windus in the early 1900s] was himself one of those endearing people with an original sense of humour. Behind his desk in St. Martin's Lane he had a sliding panel in the wall which enabled him to pass material to the Reader in the next room without the need for walking down the passage. One day, handing through a bundle of heavily revised proofs, such as were not uncommon when printing was less expensive that it now is, he remarked: 'When I die, I hope some one will put on my tomb-stone: "Here lies Frommholz — sent up for a last Revise!" '
Max Weber, Chardenal Dictionary (1908)