3 August 2012

The Great and Reasonable Revolution

George Moore, Confessions of a Young Man (London: T. Werner Laurie, 1904), p. 134:
The world is dying of machinery; that is the great disease, that is the plague that will sweep away and destroy civilisation; man will have to rise against it sooner or later... Capital, unpaid labour, wage-slaves, and all the rest -- stuff ... Look at these plates; they were painted by machinery; they are abominable. Look at them. In old times plates were painted by hand, and the supply was necessarily limited to the demand, and a china in which there was always something more or less pretty was turned out; but now thousands, millions of plates are made more than we want, and there is a commercial crisis; the thing is inevitable. I say the great and the reasonable revolution will be when mankind rises in revolt, and smashes the machinery and restores the handicrafts.