12 July 2012

Seven Years

Jacques Roergas de Serviez, The Roman Empresses, translated by Bysse Molesworth, Vol. II  (New York: H.S. Nichols, 1913), p. 9:
[The Emperor Hadrian] was very inconstant in his friendships, he persecuted all those whom he had loved, and to whom he was under the greatest obligations. This odd and unaccountable conduct soon after induced Similis, an officer of great honor and merit, to retire into the country, where, far from tumults, business and courts, he passed seven years in calm and quiet solitude, and reckoned that his whole life till then went for nothing, informing all the world of it by ordering this epitaph to be written upon his tomb :  
Hic jacet Similis,
Cujus setas multorum annorum fuit,
Ipse septem dumtaxat annos vixit.  
Here lies Similis,
Who was in the world many years,
But only lived seven.
He died in the 76th year of his age.