9 January 2012

The Public Stomach

"Tremendous activity in the publishing world! Like everything else, this will be overdone; in a few years, I am afraid, the bankruptcy of publishers (hitherto rare) will become common. All these new men cannot possibly thrive and the public stomach will at last refuse the loads of rubbish cast upon it."

-- George Gissing to Edgar Harrison, December 29th, 1891.

The Collected Letters of George Gissing: 1889 - 1891, Volume 4
(Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1990), p. 346.

Update: For those with an interest in the publishing business, today's post from Mike Shatzkin is a contemporary take on what, in my days as a book editor, I used to refer to as the "Throw Enough Shit Against a Wall" acquisitions strategy.